Tradition and continuos revolution

Tecnon, group of companies, started in Argentina, specializes in the design, manufacture and serving of wide range of transmission systems. Tecnon has develop couplings, speed reducers, brake systems, clutches, mechanical actuators lines and turkey projects. Our equipment and devices are manufactured in line with high quality standards. Service department focus on repairing of speed reducers and convey pulleys repair.


Tecnon is born

It is established as a society, focused on the advising of the rotating equipment integration.
The office is located in Chile 1763, Capital Federal.

Tecnon acquires equipment...

and begins the mechanized of the first pieces designed by the company.
These machines are located in the new plant of Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

A commercial office is added...

in the downtown area of Buenos Aires City.
The productive and technical plants are moved to Sarandí, in Avellaneda.

Tecnon leaves the location...

in Federal Capital and restates its strategy for the distribution and commercialization of products.

After some changes in the leadership, Tecnon assumes a new vision for the business.

Tecnon undergoes strong structural and economic accommodations,

changes its capacity, moves the technical plant and the offices to Capital Federal and changes its identity to Acotec S.A.

An exclusive distributor agreement...

is celebrated between Sumitar S.A. and Sumitomo, a japanese company dedicated to the manufacturing of speed reducers.

It begins a strong campaign...

of regional expansion. The company establishes a branch in Brazil through a society created for that purpose. Tecnon do Brasil opens the doors of its new office in Sao Paulo.

It settles down...

with two new branch offices: Tecnon in Venezuela and Tecnon in USA.
Locally, Acotec incorporates a great amount of new equipment directed toward an increasing demand and duplicates the area of the plant.

Acotec moves its business again...

into new facilities according to the most recent needs of the market, in the area of San Isidro.
It acquires a great amount of equipment, employs new personnel, and reinforces its campaign for regional expansion and incorporates new distributors, even in Europe.