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We renew and extend our quality certification

Last September we have renewed (as usual) the annual quality…

Repair of speed reducers

Did you know that we repair products for the transmission of…

Tecnon heat treatment

#Tecnon has heat treatment with a capacity of up…

Argentine Trains, Operations.

At this moment we are participating in the First Meeting of Suppliers…

Nord trains Tecnon

The week of October 23 to 27 we received the visit of representatives…

Global presence

With strong presence in America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States, Colombia, Venezuela) and Europe (Germany), Tecnon gives a global covering of its products and services.



ONE OF OUR ACHIVEMENTS is the fact that our customers base their purchase decisions on the economic advantages of our products, considering their technical, mechanical and quality aspects.

Our one-to-one service enables customers to access a comprehensive service and response from our team of professionals on a case-by-case basis. This ensures the quality of the products manufactured and distributed by Tecnon.

Repair service

Since 2002 we were specialized at a new team on our expanding industrial plant to develop repair and maintenance power transmission equipment, like speed reducers or transmission belt poles, in addition to make, sale and distribution power transmission products (couplings, speed reducers, brake systems, clutches, mechanical actuators and ready to use projects)

Authorized repair shop

In 2004 we get authorization and certification to repair and maintenance complete Hansen® speed reducers industrial gearboxes line, for all the region.

Hansen® is an international manufacturer from Germany that produce high quality equipment for all industrial markets.

Recently, we’ve got a similar authorization from Falk®. Falk is an american spped reducers and gearboex producer. We have get NGC as well as Nord certification.

Some companies that operates with us

We represent and distribute international brands as follows

Nord Tecnon
Cone Drive